Toitures Prolux

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Prices are calculated per square foot.
The warranty is 5 years on labor and the shingle manufacturer's warranty is 25 to 50 years.
Yes, we can carry out your work in general renovation such as changing doors and windows, interior finishing, etc.
Yes, we have very good expertise at this level. For this kind of work, you must request a quote, because several factors can influence the price such as, for example, the condition of the current roof, the type of process to be used, etc...
Yes, we have the necessary certifications.
Yes, we have the necessary insurance. If an employee accidentally damages your property, we have the required insurance.
If there is work not provided for in the contract, the hourly rate is $ 55 / hour / man. For example, it is impossible to see the condition of materials and plywood without stripping the roof. Some extras may apply depending on the condition of the materials.
The day starts at 7 a.m. and we don't leave until the roof is protected and waterproof. We will never leave your roof open thereby avoiding all risks of infiltration. We make sure everything is well protected before you leave your property and can start a new working day.